Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Bed Fit For A Princess

It's been a long time since I've posted. It has been so embarrassingly long since I've posted to this blog, that I don't even know where to begin with updates. So I thought I'd start with this post that I started this summer.

The reality is that I could have done it a lot earlier, but pictures required me to clean the girls' room enough to take a picture that made it seem like I don't allow my kids to live like slobs.....don't judge.

This past summer we bunked the girls beds. I promised that we would make it special.

I was able to do this all for about $25
(the light dimmer cost the most by far! $10)

Wooden dowel: $6
I let Stella paint it.

Christmas Lights: free (from storage)
Dimmer Switch: $10
White Hooks: $2

Closet Flange Thingy: $5
Screw it on to the bed....cross your fingers and hope your husband doesn't yell at you for messing up.

Plastic Shower Curtain Rings: $1
Fabric: free (donated scrap from S. E. THANKS!!!)

I sewed some custom sheer curtains for Stella's bed. I also made a matching cover for Sofia's bed rail. We also painted the plywood between the two beds white.

And TA-DA!! A bed fit for my princess Stella

A view from the inside.

The dimmer switch is awesome for a night light as well as evening reading that won't disturb her older sister.

She loves her princess cave!


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