Thursday, October 30, 2008

Following Father's Footsteps

If any of you know my husband, he is an avid soccer fan. I usually prefer the word fanatic and sometimes freak (sorry Peter). He primarily follows Major League Soccer (MLS) and the English Premier League (EPL). Needless to say, he has made sure that our children will also become soccer fans so that he can take them to games. We had our first family MLS Chicago Fire soccer game back in June. We all had a blast and can't wait till next season.

The Chicago Fire had their first playoff game tonight and Peter let Fia stay up late to watch the beginning. He made it an occasion with jerseys, cheering, and even popcorn. I fear that he's already created a monster.

Sorry about the lighting in the video, our camera is very old. Its mostly the audio that I want you to hear.


Sam said...

Good work Peter

Kyle said...

I need to get those kids some D.C. United gear immediately.


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