Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is how my girls transfer after they fall asleep at Nona's house.
Stella = WIDE awake, singing, talking, giggling
Sofia = Never wakes up....not even once.

Kindergarten Art
We did Christmas Chains, Trees, & Wreaths

Why is it that my girls give me a good smile in the ugliest locations?

Watching daddy play indoor.
My kids are the ones who leave all the gross prints.
Go #3!

Christmas sweaters from Aunt Nick & Uncle Matt
I LOVE them!!

Arm + Oven = Rachel Is An Idiot

7 Christmas parties & 5 birthday parties from the 12th - 30th
Neighbor Madelyn's 5th birthday at Chucky Cheese.
It was an exhausting month.

The Sheldon family birthday celebration.
6 December birthdays!

Christmas morning on the steps.
This is a new tradition for me.
We always opened gifts on Christmas Eve.

Sofia wishes for a puppy every coin she throws in the wish pond.
Soooo.....goldfish will have to do.
Names are Brownie, Squirt, Grape, Alina, Dorothy & Pizza

Birthday gift from Pop Pop (Grandpa Feyen)
Bathtub painting set

This is an ice/snow fort a few blocks down on Boston.
I was "creepy lady" who took pictures.

Complete with slide, tunnels, rooms, etc. Awesome.

Sledding at Mulick Park on Friday.

Stella's favorite movie (now) is Barbie & the Diamond Castle.
She will wear her princess Alexa dress ALL day.

I am awesome at washing my dirty laundry.
I am NOT awesome at folding clean laundry.

I believe we have a sock ness monster.
Ha ha ha...get it? "SOCK ness?" I'm a nerd.
But really....where do they all go? Is this just my household?


LJFredricks said...

LOVE your pic's! Your girls are beautiful! December was too busy for a newly pregnant beauty such as yourself! slow down! You have my permission! I also have the same sock problem you have. I now consider infant socks disposable and pretty much buy a new package every time I hit meijer.
I also have some big Diamond castle fans over here, you girls should come hang out!

Launa said...

Great snapshots!! Love the pics in the car! Oh, and so sorry about the burn... it looks like it hurts pretty bad! AH!
As far as socks go... I've completely given up trying to find pairs... nothing like a bunch of boring, white socks!

Laanykidsmom said...

Your sock pile looks like ours. I cannot bring myself to throw any of them away, because one day, the matching ones might show up. You just never know. Slow down now and stop having so much fun.

Some Guy said...

Are you plotting your revenge on the oven yet?

Mandy said...

I have the same pile of socks, but I know that as soon as I throw them out I will find the match! I've stopped putting socks on my girls when we are at home because they just take them off never to be found again.


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