Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sock Puppets!
A fun birthday project from the Hassenriks.

Sofia got a Snuggie for her birthday from Uncle Mike.
A little big right now....she LOVES it.
I didn't think we would ever own one of these.
Never say never.

Preschool Field Trip.
Sofia is top row, third from right

Ummm....can Stella wear a bike helmet all the time? Please?

Stretch those legs!
At least she doesn't have her hands in the toilet

Stella, I just love your long flowing hair....

Something tells me that soccer will be a good outlet for long as she can eat chalk during her warm-up.

What? These aren't climbing blocks?

Nice jump Fia

The girls love daddy time


Nick said...

Hey Rach - Henry used to wear his bike helmet all the time! I've even taken him out shopping in it (it kind of makes people nervous, when you do that). Nothing about it not to like, especially since it was his most expensive "hat", seems like it should be worn all the time! Although Stella really ought to put it on before she practices her mountain climbing on the diaper boxes! -Nick

Sandy Hop said...

Love the helmet! Colin likes to wear his all the time too- once we go for a bike ride, we have a hard time getting it off. Cute shots! Love the action shot of fia jumping.

Sandy Hop said...

p.s. love the empty tp roll in the bathroom. Looks like mine. :)

Mandy said...

Layne should take lessons from Stella. Andy pinched Layne's neck when he put her helmet on and now she won't let the thing get near her head. Her bike is collecting dust!

Rach said...

funny Sandy, I was gonna comment about the empty roll too....but then thought....I am the only person who would notice that....ha ha ha


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