Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, it has been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted to my blog. With the death of our laptop, the opportunity to sit in front of the computer is very little....not to mention that for some reason I've stowed away my camera....not really sure why. So my apologies for the quality of these pictures as they are from my phone. I've also had a resurgence of GI (Gastrointestinal) malfunctions which has left me relatively incapacitated. For GI history, click here. So a few snapshots to catch up.

Two is always better than one

Say it ain't so....Home Depot delivers the $500 check owed to us for the paint spillage. For the background story or if you would like to just be aggravated, click here.

This was a shirt my brother Mike bought for himself.
Nice wool shirt from Banana Republic. got washed...and shrunk.
Not it's perfect for Sofia.

Stella cried & hung on to me for dear life.
Sofia doesn't look all that reassured either.

I teach art to Kindergartners at St. Mark Lutheran.
This was my first project.

Playing with food is fun.

Matching pajamas.
Stella spilled my coffee on them at Meijer.
So we had to buy them.

Proof that I do sometimes feed my children healthy food.

Children's Museam when Grandma Feyen was in town.
Sofia loves the giant bubbles.
Grandma bought us a season's pass....sweet!!

Neighbor girls on a sunny day.

Neighbor girls again

Leaf piles in the fall are awesome.

Stella does not look like a boy....well, maybe a little

Carving pumpkins.
Stella gagged once we cut the top off.

Sofia likes everything except touching the pumpkin.

The final product.
Stella's is on the left and Fia's on the right.

Trick or Treat time!
Nona....Stella's costume is on backwards.
Apparently they were rushed.
No one noticed...except me.

I did not send Nona these pictures to her phone earlier that week.

Halloween 2009
The original costume was reversed with Peter as the devil.
But to be more true to form...we switched.
...and I wanted to win the prize.
...and I told Peter he would never dare to do it.
I was wrong

Made white cheddar asparagus soup for a fundraiser chili/soup cook-off at church. I was going to post the recipe, but it was waaaaay to much work because I had to fill 2 crockpots. I'll do it some other time. p.s. I won (yes!)

Last weekend Peter and I hosted our first house party.
We had a beer tasting competition.
We think people had a good time.
5 correct (of 12) was the winner.
90% only got 3 (or less).


Laanykidsmom said...

Dear Rachel:

Where is the New Holland??? Please invite me next time. Your girls are adorable.

Your cousin-in-law

LJFredricks said...

Yes, we will definately come to your next beer tasting! Will you serve the soup??
You have been a busy lady! No wonder you have not posted. When did you start teaching? That is exciting. Bummed we won't see you next week but looking forward to december! Hope your GI troubles stop soon!

Anonymous said...

Could the GI issues be from all the beer, broccoli, bagels, and soup? Just kidding. Missed your posts. LOVED the art project.

Anonymous said...

OOPS, I mean BUGELS not bagels.


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